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Frequently Asked QUESTIONS

  • What is the minimum info I need to provide for a listing description?
    The absolute minimum info I would need for a listing description would be the building's address; photos of most rooms in the building; and a couple of photos of the building exterior. See the Site Info page for more info.
  • What is the minimum info I need to provide for a floor plan?
    The absolute minimum info I would need for a floor plan would be the property address; and some way to work out the dimensions of each room (e.g. a rough sketch with dimensions or an old floor plan). See the Site Info page for more info.
  • How are payments made?
    After completion of the project, you will receive an invoice and you will have 14 days to pay it by direct deposit to the account on the invoice.
  • Do I have to tell you all my requirements each time I send you a project?
    No, you can simply tell us your preferences once using the online form on the Preferences page. These preferences will be kept on file and followed for each project (unless you specify otherwise). Most clients, however, have just provided any comments after the first project. I have changed that first project and they have been entirely happy with that first project and all subsequent projects. I make sure I follow your preferences every time.
  • What happens if I'm not happy with your work?
    Just let me know what you are not happy about and I will quickly amend the listing description or floor plan to your complete satisfaction, and there will of course be no charge for that. I will also record your preferences for next time. Note: The Preferences page quickly gathers your general preferences, such as whether you want a North point on the floor plan. If you haven't already filled that in, it does help me to meet your specific requirements every single project.
  • When specifying my preferences for the listing description, I don't know how many words to ask for. What do you suggest?"
    Every real estate agency has different preferences, and within the agency you will have a variety of properties and prospective clients, all of which demand a different length (and style and tone). The Preferences page shows popular copy lengths, as well as other popular preferences. The popular preferences have been marked with three asterisks*** so you can consider whether they would be appropriate for your listing. In terms of description length, "Medium" length (350-450 wd description incl 4-6 features PLUS 4-6 feature dot points for brochure being an extra 50 wds) would be common. If you prefer a longer description, that's fine (all the same price anyway), but you might like to check whether your website software has a limit on the length of the description list. For example, it could be 2500 characters, in which case you can just let me know that you want the listing to be under 2500 characters.
  • What is the "10 to 15-page Information Memorandum" that I see in the Fee Schedule?"
    The Information Memorandum (IM) is a longer document than the normal property listing description (and so more expensive). It is basically a glossy brochure, usually for a commercial listing or a larger residential listing. Samples are available upon request.
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